Why i'm choosing Mara as a first choice?

  • Dia sponsor dari asasi hingga degree.(So takpayah nak apply jpa semua dah).
  • Tak payah risau pasal degree lagi dah sebab awak tak payah nak ambik Upu time habis asasi/matriks/or degree lagi dah.(Tahukan kita kena buat UPU dua kali? Satu utk masuk asasi or matriks or diploma. Satu lagi utk masuk degree).So takpayah risau kita kena campak course yg kita tak minat dah!
  • Belajar mungkin susah sikit. Tapi awak mesti bolehnya !
  • Dapat masuk universiti swasta.(Worth RM40k total!)
  • Suasana amat selesa !

What Course You Should Apply on Mara

  1. Nutrition(Sebab awak minat)
  2. Click Here To Find what Nutrition is all about?

    Career Opportunities: Dietitian, Clinical/Community Dietitians, Hospitals, Quality control supervision and culinary education, Community and university educator, Corporate health promotion, Wellness specialist, Quality assurance manager, Weight loss counselor, Exercise physiologist, Researcher, Policy planning in public health agencies, Pharmaceutical companies, Food industries, Neutraceutical companies, Food Marketing agencies,

  3. Business Studies(Sebab awak minat math and requirement 6A awak lepas.)
  4. The study of business is about how individuals and groups of people organise, plan, and act to create and develop goods and services to satisfy customers. Business is influenced by and impacts on the cultural, ethical, environmental, political, and economic conditions of the day. Issues such as sustainability, citizenship, enterprise, and globalisation are central to both business and the study of business.In business studies, students develop their understanding of business theory and practices in a range of relevant contexts, through experiential as well as theoretical approaches to learning. Business studies has natural links to the social sciences learning area. Contexts for business can also be drawn from other learning areas, such as technology. Its study combines elements of accountancy, finance, marketing, organizational studies and economics.

    Conclusion: Senang cerita awak study tentang duit,masuk,keluar dalam sesuatu syarikat.Macamtulah lebih kurang.Dan awak jugak belajar utk handle sesuatu jualan tu.
    Career Opportunities: Accountancy, Advertising, Banking, Investment and Financial Services, General Management, HR/personnel, Management Consultancy, Public Relations, Retail Management, Sales and Marketing.

  5. Accounting(Sebab Awak minat Math and requirement 6A awak lepas.)
  6. Accounting has been called the language of business and its graduates are amongst the most employable.Accounting offers you the flexibility to enhance your business skills by adding to your final degree an additional business major in Management, Financial Management, Financial Planning, and Management Information Systems.

    Conclusion:Lebih kurang macam business studies.Tapi business studies lebih menyeluruh.
    Career Opportunities: Accountant

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